We are a small family business in Lincolnshire who care passionately for dogs and their welfare. We first started feeding our dogs raw tripe while they were training for their good citizens dog certificates and fields trials many years ago. The trainer recommended us to it as we had a very fussy eater and he was a Labrador! Since that time we have had a number of dogs and we are currently fostering. This poor 12 year old was a large lad when he arrived, we have introduced him to raw and already he has reeped the benefits by losing weight, has more energy and smells a lot better.
Up until now we had found it difficult to source raw food and natural treats and so we decided to open our own shop here in North Somercotes.
Our aim to is to help introduce and educate owners to the benefits of feeding your best friend raw food, give advice and support and great customer service.
We only stock from DEFRA approved suppliers using human grade meats, meaning it is fit for human consumption and traceable